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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake


Senninger Irrigation

Lake County is committed to fostering a business environment that is welcoming to new and existing businesses alike. This pro-business attitude has enabled Lake County to be the home to thousands of businesses across a wide range of industries from local, one-man shops to multi-national corporations. The friendly economic climate and diverse workforce, make Lake County an ideal location for companies in any industry. The County’s existing industry base is varied and continues to grow every year, as increasingly more companies discover it’s an ideal place to locate a business.

The Lake County Office of Elevate Lake is dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance between programs aimed at supporting existing businesses and those targeting the attraction of new businesses. From on-going industry cluster analyses to the identification and development of strategic growth corridors, Lake County Economic Development is constantly focused on providing optimal opportunities for businesses to start, grow and thrive in Lake County.