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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake


Lake County is an excellent location for companies looking to start, expand or relocate a business. Boasting a strong transportation and shipping network, the ability to support a plethora of industries and immediate access to a diverse and skilled workforce, Lake County is built to service the needs of any company.

Business Support

Lake County is placing tremendous focus and allocating significant resources to economic development and the support of our existing businesses. Businesses of all sizes benefit from the County’s focus on business retention and expansion, which includes three Small Business Development Centers, spread across the County, each of which includes dedicated SBDC support and a business incubator program. Additionally, Lake County has intensified its partnerships with other business support agencies, including Workforce Central Florida, GrowFL, and others to assist our local businesses with whatever needs they may have.

Labor Force

Employers in Lake County have access to a large, talented employee pool with candidates possessing diverse skill-sets and a knack for working hard.


With its low cost of living and competitively priced land and commercial real estate, Lake County is an ideal destination to start or grow a business. Lake County offers comfortable living and an extremely affordable business environment, reflected in its low taxes, energy costs and access to travel and shipping networks, amongst others.

Access to Markets, Ports and Airports

Lake County is located within a two-hour drive of three of Florida’s major metro markets - Orlando (1 hour), Tampa (1.5 hours) and Jacksonville (2 hours). This centralized location also provides quick and efficient access to the three international airports in these markets. Additionally, Lake County is within a 90-minute drive of both Port Canaveral and the Port of Tampa.


With easy access to major transportation routes such as Interstate 75 and Florida’s Turnpike, and close proximity to Orlando International Airport, maneuvering to and from Lake County for personal or commercial travel is simple and convenient.


Lake County is currently in the process of conducting significant upgrades to its rail infrastructure. Upon completion, Lake County’s new rail system will include roughly 20 miles of continuous welded rail, providing Lake County businesses the ability to capitalize upon the extensive commercial rail network of Florida and the nation.