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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake

Real Beauty

Home to over 1,000 pristine lakes and rivers, it’s obvious how Lake County got its name. But beyond the bountiful lakes loaded with trophy fish is a landscape found nowhere else in Florida. Rolling hills and stunning vistas comprise Lake County’s unique terrain, leading to the highest point in peninsular Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain.

Known as a top tourist destination worldwide, the metro-Orlando area, which includes Lake County, is also a leading destination for film, television and commercial production. Hills, natural wetland preserves, pasturelands and waterbodies offer a diverse landscape meeting any film location need.

Although centrally located, Lake County remains nature’s paradise, with nearly 500 acres of active parks and over 3,400 acres of passive parkland, much of which is protected public land. Walkers, joggers and cyclists are treated to 45 miles of hilly recreational trails, both paved and unpaved, while paddlers and kayakers traverse 180 miles of waterway trails known as Blueways.

Natural habitats full of flora and fauna attract hikers and avid bird watchers to these undisturbed lands where protected species like the Florida Scrub-jay and gopher tortoise peacefully reside.

Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead

Located in Montverde, the trailhead is Lake County’s link to the north shore of Lake Apopka. With the completion of the Lake Apopka Loop Trail extension, visitors can make the 18-mile trek from Green Mountain across a network of wetlands with the potential to view up to 370 species of wildlife.