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Sample Business Plan Outline

While a business plan can become overwhelmingly detailed and requires serious consideration of your structure, product or service and your financial predictions, this simple outline gives you an easy framework for organizing your thoughts.

Cover Sheet
Should include the company name, entrepreneur’s name, contact information and a one sentence statement describing the company.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
On less than a page you need to provide a snapshot of your business plan as a whole and your company profile and goals. Topics to include are: business purpose, financial needs, discussion of demand for your product or service, and expected financial results.

Market Analysis
Focus on explaining who your target market is, and share any competitive analysis and industry trends that you’re able to research.

Business Description
What do you do? What differentiates your business? Make sure to explain in detail the product or service, history of business and financial results, ownership, organization and legal structure.

Marketing Strategy
What is your company’s strategic plan? How do you plan to market your business? How will you sell your product or service?

Financial Projections
If you need funding, providing financial histories, projected financial statements, break even comparisons to industry standards, and operating assumptions to back up your request will be critical.

An appendix is optional, but a useful place to include information such as resumes, permits, lease contracts, documented research, photographs, etc.