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Lake County, FL Office of Elevate Lake

Online Permitting

Lake County's E-Permitting online service. It offers you an easy way to apply and pay for permits with the touch of a button. Additionally, this service will save you time and money by allowing to apply for your permits from your home or office.

Once your permit application is received, a Permitting Specialist will be notified. You will receive notification when your application has been processed and is ready for payment. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted directly. You will be able to check the status of the permit online as well. Currently, you can apply and pay for all types of residential permits and some small commercial permits online. The remaining commercial permits will be available via the website by September 1st, 2012. Please contact the Building Services Division at 352.343.9653 if you have any questions as you go through the process.

Go to the Online Permitting page to get started.